Dating in Your Late 20s- What Women Need to Know

Dating in your early 20s is very different from dating in your late 20s. When you were younger, you were carefree and concerned only about the present and not bothered about the future. You were still figuring out who you are and don’t know where you want to be in your life. Fast forward and now you are in your late 20s. Dating changes as women get older.
So what it’s like dating in your late 20s?

The Pros
You are wiser now. Unlike in your younger days, dating in your late 20s is better because you are wiser. You know yourself better, you know what you want and don’t want. You don’t settle for someone just because he’s the only one available. You know who to date and how to date. You know why you are dating and can see clearly what future you want with him. You clearly know what kind of relationship you want in your life.

You are not playing games anymore. Dating in your late 20s means that you are more serious and not into playing games anymore. In general, as women get older, they look for someone more real and lasting. You are done with playing games. You know what you want so you don’t play with someone else’s time and emotions when you are not interested. If you are interested, you let him know instead of wasting each other’s time. You want to make a connection with him as soon as possible than waste time chasing each other.

You are ready to settle down. You are no longer into flings and one night stands. Gone are the days when dating is only just for fun. You are done with “dating just for the sake of dating”. You do not want a meaningless relationship, you are looking for someone to grow old with and you are ready to settle down. Dating in your late 20s is about looking for someone who could be your lifetime partner.

You are not idealistic anymore. When you were in your early 20s, you were into guys who were
tall, dark and handsome. Now that you are mature, you are more realistic and realized that dating in your late 20s is not all about looks. Guys with awesome looks could also have great personalities but you’ve started to see that guys who don’t fit the ideal looks women are dying for also have great personalities. You started to realize that you’ve deprived yourself of a wide selection of men in your younger days by just concentrating on their looks.

You are more comfortable with your sexuality. Dating in your younger days helped you discover your sexual needs. Now, you already know what you want in bed and how you want to be treated or respected in the bedroom. You are more mature now and more comfortable with your sexuality. Men are more vocal with their sexual needs but now you realized that your sexual needs are also important. You have that courage now to let your man know what your needs sexually to help him meet them.  Dating in your late 20s, makes you more comfortable with your sexuality.

The Cons

The pressure of getting married. Dating in your late 20s may mean people around you or those close to you are expecting you to settle down and have children. Most of your friends are already married, having kids and starting a family. Only a handful of people in your circle are still single including you so people around you keeps asking you questions such as “Why are you not married yet?” “Why are you still single?” Although you are already in the marrying age, don’t let these people get into you. Do not rush but continue dating until you find Mr. Right. But of course you should be prepared to answer those questions in gatherings, in meeting old friends and relatives.

Meeting a potential date or partner is a little challenging. When you were younger, you can easily get a date from school parties but now that you are in your late 20s, it’s not that easy especially if you have a job that hinders your social life. Dating in your late 20s can be challenging that you tend to look at other ways to find a potential partner like online dating or being set-up on a blind date by trusted friends or relatives. Doing community works, engaging in sports and other hobbies can also be very helpful in finding a possible date or partner.

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