5 Ways to Stop Attracting the Wrong Guy

You cannot predict the future and cannot tell who you’ll end up with but you can somehow tell if you consistently attracting the wrong guys. If you keep attracting Mr. Wrong, you have to take the steps to stop this. So how to stop attracting the wrong guys?

Work on your self-esteem. A woman who usually dwell on the wrong men or the so called bad boys because she herself doesn’t feel good about herself. Why settle for someone who is not good for you? Because you think you don’t deserve better? That is a wrong mind-set because if you keep thinking like that, you’ll never stop attracting the wrong guy. If you know your worth and you value yourself, you’ll start to attract quality men. If you don’t feel good about yourself then do something about it to feel good. Stop dwelling on your self-pity or negative feelings. Maybe you are not happy with your weight then go to the gym and work out. Start living an active life and practice a healthy lifestyle to in shape and look great. Get a new haircut or upgrade your wardrobe to look better. Take care of yourself, love yourself more to boost your self-esteem and to be a more confident woman.

Know what you want. Do you want a serious relationship or you are not yet ready to commit? It is alright if you are not yet ready to commit but it doesn’t mean you have to go out with guys who are wrong for you, who don’t meet your needs and who disrespect and devalue you. Going out or having relationships with the wrong men can be damaging to your self-worth. You don’t want to get out of those relationships with damaged self-esteem and dignity. Figure out what you are looking for and what you want to stop attracting the wrong guy.

Stop believing that you only attract the wrong men. To stop attracting the wrong guy, you have to believe that you can break the cycle. If you have the mind-set that you have no luck in love and you only attract the bad guys, then it is most likely to happen. Stop the pattern and start believing that your luck has changed. You are a passionate, understanding, loving and caring woman and you have a lot to offer. You deserve the right relationship with the right man who meets your needs. Be positive to attract positive things.

Address your own issues first. If you have loads of baggage you’ll tend to fall for the wrong guy. Your personal issues can affect the way you choose your partner or the way you choose the kind of men you date. If you lack fatherly love or have issues with your father, there is a tendency to fall for men who treat you like a little daughter. If you have commitment issues, you’ll tend to go with guys who won’t treat you seriously. Build yourself first to be whole again without a man in your life. Address your personal issues first and you’ll attract guys with less baggage too. A man is not someone who will complete you but he is an addition to your fulfillment.

Be a good woman. It is important to make sure you are a good woman first before attracting the right guy. Sometimes women wonder how to stop attracting the wrong guy when they always find themselves shaking their butts until 4:00 in the morning in bars or clubs. If your outfits and behavior suggest “let’s have fun”, you are sending a message to men who are just looking for fun and not looking for women who they can take seriously. Your lifestyle and behavior play an important role on what kind of men you will attract.

Attracting the wrong guys is a cycle that you can break. Learn more about attraction visit The Woman Men Adore