Asking a Guy Out on a Date- What Women Should Know

Traditionally, in dating and romance, men pursue women. Men court women, ask her out and ask her hand for marriage. That’s how dating is done normally but sometimes there are circumstances that make men and women break the norms of dating.

The consequences of breaking the norms of dating.

Asking a guy out on a date can be accepted and can be done but you have to ask yourself if you can take the consequences of breaking the norms. Of course there’s always the possibility for things to go well, but there’s this saying “easy to get, easy to forget”. You may succeed in asking a guy out on a date but he may not be able to realize how special you are because you’ve already done what he’s supposed to do. He might not think twice dumping you afterwards. He might brag to his friends about being asked by a woman for a date and may not even care if you are a sweet and sincere woman. All he cares about is his boosted ego because a girl asked him out. You would appear easy to get and he’ll assume that he’s really charming and a woman magnet that women fell for him easily.

Can a woman ask a guy out on a date?

Of course she can. In this modern generation, many women are doing it and there are guys who are totally fine with it. But it is important not to ask a guy out on a date unless you have no other choice. Although in this modern generation, men and women were raised as equals, men and women are still different in many ways when it comes to dating and relationships. Although men love to be admired and will be relieved of the pressure of asking a woman out, most men still love the chase and most women still love to be chased.

Why some women decided to ask a guy out on a date?

Breaking the norms of dating could be scary. Asking a guy out on a date takes a lot of guts but waiting for a guy to ask them out could mean losing the opportunity for a great relationship with a great guy. Those who are into traditional dating may not agree but for women who do not want to pass up an opportunity with the guy they want, asking a guy out on a date is better than waiting.

When to ask a guy out on a date?

There are circumstances that women have to do the first move for things to progress. One situation is when you are into a very shy guy. Shy guys need some help to go out of their shell. It could take forever for a shy guy to muster his courage to ask a girl out. He would be relieved and grateful that you made the first move.  Another situation is when a close friend is obviously into you but he do not know how to take the relationship to the next level. He hesitates to ask you out on a romantic date because he is afraid to lose the friendship. If you are also into him, making the first move can help your relationship to progress to the next level.

Aside from those two circumstances, it is best to wait for men to ask you out on a date. Asking a guy out on a date may not work for most women. All you can do is send subtle signs that you are into him or use your feminine charm to get him to ask you out. Do you want to discover how to make a man desire you? Visit  The Woman Men Adore