7 Ways to Impress Him with Your Looks

Men are visual creatures and although looks is not everything, it plays an important role in getting the attention of men. So how to make him notice you and impress him with your looks?

Dress to impress. A woman’s wardrobe can do a lot on her appearance. Dress in a feminine and decent way. Wear clothes that fits your body. Ill-fitting clothes will not make you look good even if they are stylish. Know your best physical asset and dress in a way that flatters your best asset. If you have the legs then flaunt it. Most men are drawn to women with well defined waistline or hourglass shape so maintain a good shape to look good on clothes that accentuates the waistline. Assess your body and know your flaws so you can make them less noticeable with the type of clothes you wear. For instance, if you have shorter legs, choose clothing styles that will make your legs look longer like high waisted pants, empire cut dresses and mini-skirts. You can also use color to your advantage. Red is a color that is always associated with attraction so use the power of red to impress him with your looks.

Take note that you are trying to impress a guy and not sending a wrong message. Revealing outfits, too much cleavage and too much skin can get a guy excited but could send a wrong message than impressing a guy.

Wear hairstyles that men love. It is true that your hair is your crowning glory. It can do so much to enhance your looks and of course your hair can help impress him with your looks. One way to impress him with your looks is to choose a hairstyle that men love. Most prefer women with more natural and not heavily styled or treated hair. Most men are drawn to women with long, shiny, soft, wavy locks. They find soft, naturally flowing, bouncing wavy hair sexy. Long straight hairstyle is also pretty and attractive to men.  Men also find a high sporty ponytail style or simple loosely updo hairstyle sexy because they would like to see your nape, neck and shoulder too. Face-framing layers is also another hairstyle that men love because they love the thought of brushing your hair back from your face. Some men find women with pixie hair sexy and confident because not all can carry this kind of hairstyle with confidence. If your face shape is for a pixie cut and you can pull it off with confidence, then why not. Take care of your hair and keep it healthy and free from other hair issues like split ends and dandruff which could be a turn off.

Maintain a good posture. Practice good posture to improve your looks. By keeping a straight posture or standing up and sitting properly, you’ll look leaner, sexier and more confident. Slouching can make you look boring and less appealing. Keep a good posture when walking, standing and sitting to impress him with your looks. Maintaining a good posture will not only make you look more attractive but it will also keep your bones, joints and muscles in proper place or alignment preventing muscle, joint and spine problems.

Wear light and natural make up. Although men do not know how make up are applied, they definitely have a say on how much of it women should be wearing. Most men think that wearing too much make up make women look worse. One way to impress him with your looks is to keep it simple and more natural.  When it comes to make up, less is more beautiful to most men. They want a woman who looks more natural. Some men, view women who wear too much or heavy make up as insecure or want to hide something but view women who wear less make up as down to earth and more at ease with their own skin. Besides, men love to kiss a woman’s face and not their make up. Take care of your skin to be more confident with less or no make up. Keep you face clean and wash regularly with a facial cleanser especially created for your skin type. Exfoliate your skin regularly to remove dead skin. Moisturize your skin after cleaning and exfoliating. Apply sunscreen or use moisturizers with SPF to protect your skin from sun damage. Have more sleep to keep your skin healthy.

Take care of your feet and hands. Some women love to wear open toe shoes or sandals but failed to take care of their feet and nails. Wearing beautiful shoes with not so nice feet and unclean nails can be really a turn off. Sometimes you will be surprised that you are all dressed up with nice hairdo but there are guys who will compliment and look at your beautiful toes and nail polish. Clean hand and foot nails tells a lot about your hygiene so to impress him with your looks, do not forget the small details like your hands and feet.

Take care of your mouth. Brush your teeth and visit your dentist regularly to avoid dental issues and bad breath.  Take care of your lips too and keep them soft by using lip balm. To remove dead skin from your lips, run your toothbrush slightly over your lips after tooth brushing. Your teeth and lips can help you impress him with your looks. Men love to look at women who smile a lot with their pearly white teeth and kissable soft lips.

Practice a healthy lifestyle. Of course men would like to be with healthy women and the very obvious way to be healthy is by living a healthy lifestyle. Being healthy can be seen from your body shape, skin, hair and nails. A healthy weight, glowing healthy skin, shiny hair and healthy nails are very attractive. A fit and healthy body can be achieved by eating a healthy diet, drinking enough water, regular exercise and enough good night sleep. Avoid drinking too much alcohol, smoking and depriving yourself of sleep to avoid looking haggard and unhealthy. Living a healthy lifestyle can help you impress him with your looks.

Your appearance and the way you take care of your body counts when attracting the opposite sex. Find out more about attracting men, visit The Woman Men Adore