12 Possible Reasons Why You Are Still Single – What Women Ought to Know

You’ve been single for quite a long time now and wondering what are the reasons why you are still single. Here are some of the possible reasons why you are still single.

Setting unrealistic standards. Of course you want to get the best partner and do not want to sell yourself short but it is also important to have achievable standards. Setting unrealistic standards might be one of the reasons why you are still single. If you want a handsome man who runs a successful business, makes a lot of money and drives the most expensive car then it might take you a lifetime to find or wait for that kind of guy. Having normal and achievable standards doesn’t mean settling for less but it means having realistic standards. Modifying your standards may help you look at other men who can be a perfect match for you. Instead of defining a guy by the type of car he drives and how much he makes, why not find someone you can connect with.

You are too negative. A woman who can speak her mind is admirable to a certain degree but if she is too argumentative, always want to have the last say and too negative, men might avoid her. Although men want to be challenged intellectually by women, they may think twice if you are too hostile, negative and always want to win.  Maybe being too negative is one of the reasons why you are still single. Try to be more positive and open to other people’s opinion to be more appealing to the opposite sex.

You keep seeing the wrong guys. Maybe one of the reasons why you are still single is because you keep seeing the wrong guys. These are the guys who are not ready to commit to a relationship but you still put up with them.  You keep waiting for him to be ready for commitment when in fact there are no obvious signs that he wants to commit. Investing time and emotions on someone who is not ready to have a future with you is not a very wise choice.

You are in the wrong place. If you are in a place where there’s not much opportunity to meet eligible men, you might stay single for a long time.  Do you live in a place where there’s not much guys who can be a good match with you or you work in a place where there are more women than men? If that is the case, so one of the reasons why you are still single is because you are in the wrong place.   It is best to explore a different area and meet new people. If you are in the city and you want a country boy then explore the rural area.

You don’t care about your looks. Looking good is the very basic thing a woman should be able to give herself.  If a woman can’t take care of herself and her looks, how can she take care of her significant other? The way you take care of yourself says a lot about you. Looks may be just skin deep but it is important when it comes to dating. Men are visual beings and if you don’t care about your looks, their eyes will notice women who put in a little extra effort with their looks. Learn how to groom yourself, practice good hygiene, dress well, wear proper make up and of course keep a healthy weight. When you look good, you will also feel good and men will never fail to notice that.

There is nothing more about you than good looks. Yes, good looks is important to get noticed but having good looks and a nice body are not enough to get a man. If a man talks to you and finds out there is nothing more interesting about you, then why would he take you as his woman? If you want to get a man, make yourself an interesting individual that men would want to be a part of your life. Acquire some skills, enjoy some hobbies and be a more intelligent well-rounded woman.

You are too occupied with your past relationship. Maybe one of the reasons why you are still single is your lingering feelings with your ex which keeps you from moving on and giving chances to other guys to get to know you.  If there is no more hope of getting back with your ex, then it is best to move forward and give yourself the opportunity to find a new love.

You are too afraid to trust and love again.  Not too good past experiences about love give some women baggage and fears that they’ve learned to put up walls around them. Maybe one of the reasons why you are still single is that you are afraid to love again. Loving involves getting hurt and getting hurt once or twice doesn’t mean you’ll always get hurt.  As Lord Tennyson once said “’Tis better to have loved and lost. Than never to have loved at all.” Being in love is a good feeling, you have to take the risk to be able to find your one true love. Put down your walls and take the courage to trust and love again.

You don’t believe that you are amazing and deserves to be loved. Maybe one of the reasons why you are still single is that you love yourself less. This insecurity might be a result of rejections or you’ve been in a one-sided relationship before or you’ve been dumped before. Whatever the reason for your low self-esteem or insecurities, it is best to learn to overcome those insecurities and love yourself more. Be confident and believe that you are an amazing person who deserves to be loved. When someone pay attention to you and gives you compliment, instead of rejecting it, accept the compliment with appreciation.

You don’t want a commitment.  Some women may not be aware of it but one of the reasons why they are still single is that they do not actually want a relationship. If you are not good with commitment and you unconsciously reject guys who want to enter your life, do not be surprise if you are still single now. You do not take seriously the guys who are interested with you and you do not put in some effort to go out and meet guys who could be your best match. A relationship requires a certain level of commitment and compromise but if you want to maintain your independence and not yet ready for that kind of commitment then that must be one of the reasons why you are still single.

You are too focused on your career. You are too pre-occupied with your job or career that you cannot make time to look or spend time with guys. You have to invest time and emotions in dating or creating relationships. If you are too focused on your ambition or career that dating is not on top of your priorities then this could be one of the reasons why you are still single.

You are not doing anything to escape from being single.  If you want to end your single life and want to meet someone who could be your perfect match but not doing anything to meet that special someone, then you have no right to ask why you are still single. Your prince charming is not going to appear in front of you like magic. You have to put in some effort to meet that special someone. Go out and meet new people, widen your social network or consider making a profile on trusted dating sites.  Do not just wait for him to come to you but do something to get him.

There are a million reasons why some women are still single but the most important thing is to figure out why you are still single, know what you want and do something about it. Are you ready to meet and attract men? Visit The Woman Men Adore